Little Ismael, one of Carlos’ kids.

a time to gather stones together — Eccelesiastes 3:5

The pieces of our lives get scattered. Either things explode by themselves, or we make poor choices and squander the good gifts God gave us.

When we are angry at God, He waits patiently for us. Sometimes, we have to be broken to come to God humbly. Then He begins to pick up the pieces of our lives.

God sent me to Guatemala on a mission that I didn’t originally know what for. But it was for restoration.

Carlos opted out of the church. He was hit with the double whammy of church rules and bubbling hormones. The hardness has melted now. His mother died a month ago. Elisa was a powerful force for years to help build the church. Carlos has finally taken over his dad’s bread bakery and is trying to be the responsible father of two kids and husband of one wife.

Carlos with Veronica and his children.

My heart melted as I hugged Carlos. He was one of my first converts. A boisterous 7-year-old, he brought his parents to our church and enrolled in our blossoming school. He’s been on a long journey away from God, and it’s so good to see him coming back.

It hurts my heart to see so many people, embittered by offenses, away from God. The joy is to see them come back.

In 2015, let God do a work of restoration in your life.

18 responses to “Restoration

  1. Way to go Carlos! I was there too for thirty years and finally came back! God bless you and your family and all those around you that you will have an impact on!

  2. In our first church service of the year, one of the prayer requests for the year, expressed by a member, was that God would indeed bring back/restore such people as Carlos.

  3. Today was the first Sunday of 2015. Pastor Lindsay did such a great job with her sermon and demonstration with the children and the congregations. She had King cakes for those that wanted one as we ushered in the new year. What a blessing she is to us. Yesterday we buried the oldest life long member of our Church at age 91. It was a said day for me as he was part of our quilting group with his sweetheart wife. He will be so missed. He loved our church and I will miss him in his regular spot.

  4. Carlos’ story is a common one, and gives us all hope for those in our lives we pray will “come back” one day!

  5. Reblogged this on Texas Poetry and commented:
    This Reblog and Commentary will be dated January 5th, 2015. Today, was the annual meeting of a form of Christmas dinner get together of my wife’s family at a local eatery in Dallas. No presents are exchanged. The meeting falls under the saying, something to wit, “Sadly you get the family when you marry the gal.” There is no exception to this rule with my wife’s four brothers, three of which were at this dinner eariler on the 4th of January. Their favorite thing, trying and attempting to make thei husband of their sister look foolish in a public setting. After bitting the bullet with these jerks over the last twenty-five years, I did not let it go yesterday at the annual dinner. I happily got back in their faces with great joy on my part. My wife knows her brothers are jerks, but because she loves them, she expects me to eat their shit, which I will no longer do in this life. It is not my fault that three of the brothers never matured to a manly level but are almost childlike in their behavior toward others because of an abusive and drunk for a father in their own pasts. “Mustard Seed Budget” is another one of my faithful follwers. We agreed on many things when it comes to religious belief, especially in the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I have huge disagreements with some of his insights about God. For one I do not believe God is a “Punisher” of humans in order for them to crawl back to Him. “What harm we do in life, in the majority of cases, we do to ourselves” is my way of belief. Other than that I believe this WordPress blog has much wisdom to give to us all and is truly worth readding and following.

  6. Amen! I am feeling this, brother!

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  8. Amazing! Restoration from the Lord is a wonderful thing

  9. Well stated, sometimes we have to be broken before God can put us back together in such a manner that our soul longs to help others come to know Him. God works in mysterious ways, each person we come in contact with is for a purpose that only He knows.

  10. Lovely word today!

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