She cried at her graduation

photo (23)It’s a beautiful gesture, but usually I ask bluntly: Why are you crying?

Jenny graduated from our Guatemalan school in November. And I just found out that she cried because I wasn’t there to celebrate it. I founded the school and opened the doors for her, and many other Guatemalans without a whole lot of money, to attend.

Finding out about the reason for her crying makes me want to cry. It melts my heart to see good produce good. It motivates me to keep on serving Jesus and people.

20 responses to “She cried at her graduation

  1. Blessings on you, and on all whom the Lord has touched through you.

  2. It is amazing abut how many lives one person can positively impact. Even though you are no longer living in Guatemala, your influence there is still impacting lives. Congratulations to Jenny on her graduation!

  3. Thats truly beautiful

  4. Bless you and her. I can believe it easily!

  5. May GOD continue to make your fruit prosper to bring the word to those waiting to hear it, as life without Jesus is dead. Life with Jesus is creativity, inspiration, super natural powers your blog is helping so many people. GOD is mighty and he uses all sorts of methods to help his children no doubt he is using your blog. Melody

  6. You really are a patient human, I really admire you.

  7. I congratulate you in a most spiritual way, and cheers to both of you. This definitely shows that God is working through you and making an impact. ALL Glory and Praise to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and to our God and Father of all creation!

  8. Those were tears of gratitude. She was so thankful for all that you did for her. Keep up the great work as God guides your way.

  9. tears of achievement ,happiness. Regards.

  10. This is very touching brother

  11. Blessings to you who have blessed so many. My husband has, too. My path is very humble. Being mentally ill, I do what I can but it ain’t much. Being mentally ill makes one self-preoccupied, among many other things.

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