Love, serve and sacrifice

love, service, sacrifice

With the kids of my disciples.

From across the street, he called me. On the bus, she almost threw herself on top of me to give me a hug. A couple grew teary-eyed in the market when they saw me.

People everywhere were greeting me and thanking me. Four years ago, I ended abruptly a 16-year mission stint in Guatemala. On my New Year’s trip to Guatemala, old friends were popping up everywhere.

I’m no celebrity. But I did one thing: I served people tirelessly. I walked 10 miles to do Bible studies in their house. I handed out scholarships left and right for our school. I visited people in the hospital, in jail. I gave time and again.

Then the wonderful mission life came to an end. I returned to the States, where I serve in my mother church. I teach in the school, and I write this blog. Every once in a while, I get the chance to visit Guatemala again.

I can see that all the love, service and sacrifice were worth it. People have been impacted for Christ.

12 responses to “Love, serve and sacrifice

  1. May GOD’s, Love be with you, and with, them.

  2. Amen, keep up the wonderful work for the Lord.

  3. I am glad you can return to visit. After all that you did for the people there they still love you and need to see you. My daughter-in-law is there at the present on a mission trip. She and her Dentist are there doing dental care for the people. Pray for her save return.

  4. Heartwarming post.God bless your ministry .Jaalal

  5. Brother I am so touched by what God has done through your year’s in Guatemala

  6. Guatemala is a beautiful country. I came to the Lord on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2002. I will never forget that trip. What struck me in your post was the relationships that you built. I felt the similar connection when I returned to the same location in Mexico every year for 4 years Even though my trips were only a week long, people in the community still remembered me and our group. It’s pretty amazing to be able to have that experience of friendship and community in a place so far from home. Your smile shows it all! Godspeed.

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