Holy Spirit Alzheimer’s

holy spirit alzheimers

With some friends in Guatemala. We all pass through episodes of life that would best be forgotten.

My mom had Alzheimer’s, so I don’t mean to make light of this scourge. I remember when she walked out the front door in her pajamas, and Dad drove around looking for her. He found her on a busy street.

What I mean by Holy Spirit Alzheimer’s is to forget what we must forgive, to heal the wounds in our hearts, to remember the good and forget the bad, to move on, to stay in relationship with people who have hurt us deeply. When God forgives, He forgets. Would we could do likewise.

I’m going to pray to forget hurts because remembering them converts them into hinders. They hinder me from serving Jesus fully. Holy Spirit, come and help me to forgive AND forget.

4 responses to “Holy Spirit Alzheimer’s

  1. AMEN! I deal with this problem all the time, because Japanese has a confusion over the very word, forgive/forgiveness. There are two different characters that are read with the same sounds, and most people just youse the one that means “permission.” They often don’t even know the one that means “forgiveness.!” Thus, when it’s something they can’t excuse, they can’t forgive. It’s a national cancer. Not understanding forgiveness also makes them very reluctant to admit guilt.

  2. I needed this in light of things in ministry the last two weeks

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