Missing Dad?

missing dadsI admire exuberantly Moms who’ve also had to be Dad. But I don’t think we can glibly replace him. I would rather exhort dads to fill their God-ordained roles. My fear is that if we say Dads are NOT important, then they won’t feel important and will choose a life of sin instead of role-modeling and loving kids.

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14 responses to “Missing Dad?

  1. These absentee dads need the gospel preached to them. The gospel of Jesus Christ is their only hope. The world has nothing to offer but that psychobabble junk. All praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Saviour!

  2. My dad was missing from my life entirely, and I can’t help but believe that it affected my relationships with men. It’s like there is just a hole where he should have been there to love me. Thank you for this post…I think it’s so important.

  3. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen. I was unexpectedly thrust into the role of trying to be both when my first husband abandoned me, our two small boys, and my daughter, still in the womb. It is something I’d never wish on anyone, and I survived by His amazing grace alone. He has since blessed me with a wonderful, Godly man in my second husband. He stepped in and showed the kids a true dad, adopting them as his own. I can’t help but smile at how this mirrors what our heavenly Father does for us.:)

  4. I’ve seen too many stories about absentee fathers who are only dads to their children in an attempt to impress their latest girlfriend. As soon as that relationship is over with, they go back to ignoring their kid’s exististance. The kids are better off with non-biological dads that are involved in their lives. Not all fathers are dad material, the job is a demanding one.

  5. I cannot agree with you more. As the family deteriorates so does society. The self giving love between a woman and man is the cohesive bond that help children become real men and real woman.

    Is it no wonder that with the increase of out of wedlock parenting our society had become progressively confused about what it means to be a man and what if means to be a woman or even what marriage is..

  6. Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad

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