With God’s help, he survived this crash

miraculous accidentEvery side of his pickup truck was completely smashed and compacted after Kaleb Whitby struck a semi from behind and was then hit by another semi in a highway pileup caused by morning fog and black ice.

Whitby literally walked away unscathed – with just two Band-Aids – after his Chevy Silverado was banged, spun, and ultimately came to rest in the vice-grip of parallel semi trucks. By God’s protective hand, he narrowly escaped death.

“I do believe in God. I do believe He protected me,” Kaleb told GodReports.com. “I don’t know if it was an army of angels that held those trucks apart, but I know it wasn’t my strength. I have faith that somebody was there to protect me.” Read more here: Christian news.

5 responses to “With God’s help, he survived this crash

  1. I read about this last week and this story has me completely amazed. I can’t even imagine what this guy is going through right now. He must be asking himself a million questions about why he is still alive and what the purpose is for his future. I can picture an angel on each side of him, protecting him from those semi’s. This guy sure has one heck of a story to share for the rest of his life.

  2. All praise and glory to God our Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ! Looks like the angels came through with another save!

  3. mrsmariposa2014

    We have an amazing God! This puts me in mind of stuff hubby and I walked away from-him from a rolled 18-wheeler, me from a Chevette crumpled by a huge pickup. And that is just two examples of the ways He’s spared us. I praise Him for sparing this man as well, and pray this testimony touches countless others.

  4. Wow…God was gracious in sparing his life!

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