‘It was nuts’ How revival is sweeping Los Angeles high schools

God public high schoolOvercome by the darkness, this young Grant High School student decided she would end her life at the end of the school day. But instead, she went to an on-campus Christian club and heard Brian Barcelona share with about 150 other students.

After a stirring message, “she came running up to the front. She was weeping. She asked Brian to pray for her. She was going to commit suicide that day, but instead she found God,” says Allan Giglio, a coordinator for One Voice, which is seeing extraordinary revival in Los Angeles and Orange County high schools.

About 2,500 students at 15 high schools hear the gospel each week through campus Christian clubs, which invite One Voice representatives to speak, Giglio says. Kids have been saved from drugs, violence, sexual sin, and hopelessness.

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17 responses to “‘It was nuts’ How revival is sweeping Los Angeles high schools

  1. Praise God! It is too easy to forget that God is still God, and nothing is impossible for Him.

  2. Blessings to the students who are fortunate to have an opportunity to hear speakers like these. Pray for all others so they might have witness to what God can do for them.

  3. Hallelujah… I pray for this movement to sweep through the schools of America. Thank you for this inspiring post.

  4. It is only God that can heal. He knows how to bring His word to heal even at times one out of a thousand. I thank God that Allan did not allow the opportunity to pass him by. He is worth knowing. Have a most blessed weekend to the glory of God my friend.

  5. Wow! That is amazing. Thank You God. Could do with same Revival here in UK.

  6. This brings back so many memories of my high school days when I came to Christ after being kicked out of high school and I got to go back after a year.
    Praise be to God

  7. No, I’d say it was a sudden wave of sanity!

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