So are you ready?

Zachary Scott's workWe prepare for the SAT, final exams, a career, an interview, a game, a wedding, a speech and retirement. When do we prepare for death?

They say there’s no need since there’s nothing beyond death. You simply cease to exist, they say.

Are you so sure? The Bible, the world’s most read book, attests to a Heaven and a Hell. Even the heart of many longs for eternity. That feeling was placed in man by God.

To deny the existence of the afterlife is to deny the Creator of all of creation, which when looking at an architectural wonder is ludicrous to deny the architect behind it. (Go ahead, barrage me with Latin names for logical fallacies. Regardless, the point remains true!)

We are barely out of the womb and then we enter the grave. Compared to eternity, this life is b-r-i-e-f!

Photo credit: Zachary Scott’s series explores the issues of elderly. By dressing up toddlers as grandparents, he is suggesting that age is an issue of mentality. I like his reflection and add to it the thought of eternity.

14 responses to “So are you ready?

  1. The Aztecs believed you begin death process at your birth.

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    A sobering truth indeed. Too many prepare for everything but the most important thing of all. Been encountering some today, in fact, so this is timely for me!

  3. You know what I find fascinating about death? That it is the one thing, without a doubt, that we will all experience inevitably. Besides being born, it is something we all have in common.

  4. I think many shy away from the word ‘death,’ and inevitably, that would happen to everyone, sinner or saint, it’s a debt we must pay.

  5. As you may know, I buried my older son this week. Thank you for writing this sobering reminder of the need to prepare for the next life.

  6. We recently had a close friend, with no known major medical problems, drop dead at 69. She had steadfastly resisted acknowledging Jesus as Lord for over 30 years. Now that is tragic.

  7. Our pastor’s wife died last week. Today was her funeral. She was ready. Her four sons and her husband were as ready for her death as it is possible to be. The peace and confidence they showed today was both a blessing and a conviction. The sadness, to think of our pastor going on alone, is overwhelming; but the joy is even more overwhelming. Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

  8. I pray the Lord will use this to make people think about their death and eternity!

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