Outlasting stress and strain

stress and strainStress is the force exerted on the jet wing. Strain is bending to the elasticity limit; if it bends beyond that, it breaks.

My dad was the test engineer who discovered, with a torque rod, that the outside two wing cylinders would break on the F-104. But his superior thought faulty testing side load was to blame. So Lockheed skipped the redesign.

f-104When the prototype flew, the same cylinders were compressed. The redesign, so late in the game, was much costlier.

We all have our breaking points, when too much stress is straining our hearts more than we can bear. Just like different materials and different designs have different load capacities, so too all of us have different limits. There’s no point in making fun of me if my capacity to enduring stress is lesser than yours.

I want to spring back into the original shape. I don’t want to be distorted by the strain of bitterness, disillusion, betrayal. God increase my elasticity!

8 responses to “Outlasting stress and strain

  1. Just into the Doctor today, he asked, “are you under a lot of stress?” “Well,” I said, “no more than usual.” “How do you keep going?” He asked, “I don’t,” I said, God does!”

  2. This is definitely the best prayer yet and one which I will have to ‘borrow’ from you because it’s what I really need right about now 😀

  3. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day … and commented:
    Are you stressed or bent out of shape? Then ask God to increase your elasticity! I so never thought of this but for sure I’m going to include this request in my prayers tonight while thanking God for the words offered by blogs such as this one. What about you? Is stress killing you? Think you won’t make it? If so what are you praying for? Leave us a comment.

  4. That’s so cool your dad was a part of that

  5. Just came from a conference in which it was pointed out that if we don’t take care of ourselves (in terms of elasticity and a number of other points) then we aren’t available to take care of anyone else.

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