Lust or sacrifice


For love, some only understand lust. If we are merely evolutionary beasts, then we can satiate whatever kinky idea that occurs to us. The “Sexual Revolution” is a misnomer; it is a “Sexual Devolution.”

These don’t know about the sublime love of Jesus. Lust procures to get for itself. Jesus’ love came to give. He sweated drops of blood, such was His agony in the buildup to his arrest and crucifixion. But he endured it all because He loved you and me. Jesus’ love is so unlike ours. It’s from another dimension. Can we even grasp?

The broken-hearted, the girl who’s cutting her wrist, the guy who’s contemplating suicide — needs to grasp it. The divorcee whose pain gushes where love once flowed. The celebrity who flashes smiles before cameras but drowns out his sorrows when alone. Christ is for losers — and in this cruel world, we’re all losers.

As the Good Book says, we’ve all fallen short of what God intended us for. We need something more gratifying than the excitement of sex. We need forgiveness. Are you lonely? Christ is inviting you to be His valentine.

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21 responses to “Lust or sacrifice

  1. I like your phrase sexual devolution.

  2. Reblogged this on Roshan click's and commented:
    Are you lonely? Christ is inviting you to be His valentine

    Thank you very much for such a thought provoking post.


  3. I have to say, my understanding of love has changed considerably over the years. I think we all start relationships because of what they provide for us. But in order for that relationship to flourish that needs to change, and it needs to become just as much about what you provide to the other person and how you are able to share your life. I guess it’s the move from selfish to selfless love.

  4. You are so right real love gives beyond its power to give. Real love is only possible with Christ’s help.

  5. Ah, yes! I’d never have known love without His first in my heart! Beautiful.

  6. I would not quite call this world cruel… It’s a beautiful world to me… Genesis says that God made everything and saw that it was good… Maybe we make it cruel? 🙂
    But I think it’s unfair to our creator to call his creation cruel… There is much beauty in this world to me… Just voicing my opinion… Hope it’s taken in the right spirit 🙂

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