Take her shopping

shopping is sufferingI can handily find 1.75 million other needful things to do rather than go shopping. When forced to shop by myself, I’m a laser: straight to what I need — and out. Fast.

But here’s a key to a happy marriage: don’t make it “me” time. It is “her” time. Don’t impose on your wife what you like to do. (You can do what you like some other time — say, with your buddies, for example.)

When Dianna and I shop together, time goes into slow motion. Words get slurred, shoppers drudge about, my eyes cake up with glaze. I lose my ability to see color — everything runs grey (more than 50 miserable shades). There wasn’t even a Starbucks for me to take refuge at the concentration camp premium outlet. (No, it wasn’t a concentration camp. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.) It was surreal. (This is not hyperbole. This really happens.)

Why did I subject myself to such woe-begone suffering? Why did I willingly (yes, willingly) do what no man in his right mind would normally do? No, I’m not in torture training with plans to report journalistically  from the Islamic State with risk of being kidnapped.

No. I did it to make my beautiful wife happy. (Her beauty was the only glimmer in the T.S. Elliot-styled wasteland outlet.)

You see, if you manage to make your wife happy, she’ll make you happy.

If you always expect her to make you happy (because you’re the fist-pumping, Bible-thumping leader of the household), then maybe you have failed to notice that the Bible says you’re a leader only as Jesus was a leader (remember He laid his life down in sacrifice for the beloved church?).

Sacrifice yourself a little to be happy a lot.

21 responses to “Take her shopping

  1. Lol this was funny.
    You’re right though.

  2. Such a lovely posting….so true!

  3. Add to it two daughters It is time spent in hell, but Jesus did so for me! I’m allowed bench time, as I can only walk so far it they are out of powered carts. I need a cell phone to track them, I get sent back for what they forgot to keep me busy!

  4. There is no other sad sight than to see a man walking behind his wife at the mall. I can relate!

    On the other hand, if as this post suggests, the man is there for HER, then this is a horse of a different color.

    There is a gospel message , to think on the things of another, putting someone ahead of you, taking the lower place, etc

  5. I’d rather not go shopping either!

  6. Love is sacrifice. Haha. Good thing you made it out still sane? Kidding. 🙂

  7. EXCELLENT advice. I can vouch for it from 45+ years of experience. (Today is the 46th anniversary of our first date.)

  8. I loathe shopping. Scratch that. I drag my husband to the book store! 🙂

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