God is a fireman, not a policeman

God firemanHis rules are for self-protection. He’s not prowling looking for somebody to bust.

God’s principle job is rescue.

We are a sinners, incapable of saving ourselves. God did that for us. Don’t conjure an image of a finger-pointing deity who is hankering to haul the sinner off to jail. That’s contrary to the message: God is love.

If you violate the fire codes, don’t be surprised if you get burned. You may not agree with the fire codes. You may use academic language like “morality is subjective.” But the fire codes — His Bible — is there to help you, not to hurt you.

Regardless, if you violate the fire code, God will rescue you when you call 911 — when you pray to Him.

19 responses to “God is a fireman, not a policeman

  1. So Right. He definitely isn’t prowling. Wish people knew. I love to tell people “He is not a big stick God just looking for someone to whack”. He is so much love, its amazing.

  2. But will he put out the fires in hell? As you suggest though if we put out the fires of our own sinful nature He may not have to.

  3. God sends the fireman too…

  4. Thank you for this word of wisdom, I thank it will preach. My son is a fireman and so the title of your blog caught my eye.

  5. How true! I’m grateful for all he does!

  6. A mistaken image of God keeps so many from coming to Him and receiving salvation! Thank you for the clear analogy.

  7. I like this. Too often I think we are there waiting to see if people trip so we can point it out. 😉 God is love–unconditionally. 🙂

  8. Wow! What a striking statement! =)

  9. So good! Thank you !

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