ISIS stealing, selling body parts

[Editor’s note: Forgive me for posting such disturbing news. This blog has generally been a place for uplifting devotionals. I post this because it is my reporting on and because I believe exposing evil and raising awareness is part of the solution.]

Pic: Daily Mail

Pic: Daily Mail

As a means to finance their murderous “caliphate,” the Islamic State is harvesting organs to sell on the black market in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, according to the Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations.

Mohamed Alhakim said his country has found dozens of bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts in shallow mass graves in recent weeks outside Mosul, where ISIS remains in power, the UK Daily Mail reports.

“We have bodies. Come and examine them,” says Alhakim, who made the allegations before the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday. “It is clear they are missing certain parts.”

Furthermore, dozens of doctors in Mosul have been executed in Mosul for refusing to perform organ harvesting, he says.

Read the rest of the article: click here.

28 responses to “ISIS stealing, selling body parts

  1. Sadly, this news doesn’t shock me that much.

  2. That is horrifying.

    My husband recently noted that Mosul occupies the same geographic location as the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh. It is disturbing to read of the similarity between the atrocities committed by ISIS and the records of Assyrian cruelty.

  3. One horror after another. Are we becoming numb to it?

  4. Oh God, that is horrible! 😦 Did they just rip the baby from her mother’s womb? Holy f*ck!

  5. These are difficult times where tough reads like this are required for us to be part of the solution

  6. We are living in an evil world, with Satan running rampant at every turn. This is getting more disgusting with each day. Praise God, Almighty that He has given us the victory and we can be confident in that.

  7. Sad to say the mainstream media will not cover this!

  8. I can’t “like” this, but I agree that the information needs to get out. I doubted it myself when I first read it several days ago, but it does seem to be valid.

  9. I hate to Like an article like this. These people are possessed by a spirit of darkness few can fathom. They will not stop of their own accord and we will be forced to meet them toe to toe, so to speak. Our weapons are prayer and obedience to the Holy Anointed One. Please pray daily that the Father will intercede and do battle for us! When we praise Him – He will set the ambushes for our enemies. Our job is to pray unceasingly. God bless you all in the mighty matchless name of Jesus!

  10. So very sad. What can we do? Thanks for sharing.

    • What can we do? Pray. Also share the news. As we raise people’s awareness others will pray. Then there are organizations that are working for solutions. Maybe our next president won’t be so loathe to send in troops. These guys thrive because we do basically nothing.

  11. Thats Sick !

  12. Thank you for posting. It’s very disturbing, but people need to know the truth and do something to stop these horrific atrocities.

  13. There is a time to speak out against evil. If ISIS isn’t it, then I don’t know whenever the time will be….

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