I thought it was the year of the ram

year of ram?But my gym told me it was the year of me.


Again? Selfishness prevails always.

Well, I went to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year’s parade and cheered on the marching bands. The exploding confetti bursts were exciting. My wife is Chinese American, so it’s cool to learn about culture. They say it’s the year of the ram, whatever that means.

photo(4)So you can imagine how completely disillusioned I was this morning at the gym to see that it’s not going to be the year of the ram. It’s the year of you.

I’M TIRED OF LIFE ALWAYS BEING SO SELF-CENTERED! Can’t we think of others? When is the year of others?

9 responses to “I thought it was the year of the ram

  1. Let’s start this! It is the time for others.

  2. Perhaps they misspelled and meant “the year of the ewe.” Then again, probably not.

  3. I guess I missed out! Don’t keep track of it!

  4. It’s been the “year of you” ever since the garden, hasn’t it? I’m all for the year of others! Where do we sign up?

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