Pastors are like trashmen

I was watching Ethan for my boss, while he taught class. The 2-year-old loves watching videos of trash trucks! What a funny thing.

garbage-truckAs I meditated on why (I suppose he like the big machines with hydraulics), I realized that pastors are trashmen. They are constantly helping people to get the trash (sin) out of their lives.

Trash is a part of life (we are all sinners, the Bible says). But you don’t want to wallow in it; you want to get it out of your home because it poisons. Sermons expose the trash lurking in our hearts. (We thought it was having fun! What a shock to find out that our “fun” was wallowing in trash like the pig loves mud!)

Don’t be offended the inglorious comparison. I’m a pastor too.

11 responses to “Pastors are like trashmen

  1. I am reminded of Isaiah 64:6…….

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and yours always.

  2. Thoughtful Post. Years ago I wrote a short story called ‘Rubbish!’ (Trash – to you) I can’t find the story but it was on the same theme as your Post. Interestingly, not long after writing the story I BACAME A CHRISTIAN (and am still dealing with the Rubbish!)

  3. Yep yep. Trash is a part of life.

    Did you happen to see this?

  4. This made me smile. My two-year-old waits to see the trash and recycle trucks every week. Quite an event in our house. Love the analogy. May be inglorious comparison, but think how much both occupations are needed! Thank you for all you do.:)

  5. Reblogged this on Voice of Restoration and commented:
    Love your trash-men!! Awesome analogy!!

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