The cup makes the coffee

real ChristiansIf I drink my home-percolated Costco coffee in a Starbucks cup, that makes it Starbucks coffee, I’ve decided.

It’s a good decision. I’ll enjoy it much more now, and it’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than going to Starbucks.

He is a Jew who is inwardly, Paul says in Rom. 2:29. By extension, a Christian is one is inwardly, not one who “dresses” the part, though it be a lot cheaper.

4 responses to “The cup makes the coffee

  1. And it is probably better than Starbucks! And cheaper! 😀

  2. I hate Starbucks because of all the support for Abortion, Homosexual agenda. Everything they stand for is anti God. I also do not like slavery and that is what they do to many Columbians. True, those people might not have any work, but at least they should get paid for their work instead of Starbuck to present themselves as such “generous” employers. I am glad I am not their judge and the judge of the people, who drink their overpriced stuff, when they could help people with that money they spend on those corporations foolishly.

  3. That is what I’m talking about. Jesus makes the person. Us in Him makes us righteous before God, Romans 3:22).

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