McAllen pastor started life as a fighter and an addict

san antonio crime | changed by ChristWhen his father died of a heroin overdose, an embittered Roman Gutierrez vowed to do the same.

“I’m gonna stick a needle in my arm, God,” he uttered, as quoted in the biography Twice Dead. “The same way You killed my father, You can kill me.”

At age 11, he fulfilled the vow and jabbed his arm.

Roman grew up on San Antonio’s west side, where drugs and violence were pervasive, the child of a broken home. He was sexually abused at age seven. He became a fighter and a partier who lived recklessly because he hated life.

The rage following his dad’s death was only compounded by the fact that he received the news when his dad was supposed to pick him up for some father-son time. His was a life void of love.

His first arrest came when he and friends broke into a local convenience store late at night to steal alcohol. Since they heard no alarm, they carted off case after case. Eventually, a patrol car pulled up and nabbed the youngsters.

While in juvenile hall, he busted a kid’s nose for mocking his father’s death and seven months were added to the original six-month sentence.

Read the rest of the story and his conversion here.

11 responses to “McAllen pastor started life as a fighter and an addict

  1. Fabulous testimony! I love that Jesus continually shows us that He is in charge completely. We can trust Him everyday in every moment. Thanks for sharing this. I needed this hug from Jesus!

  2. To quote God, “Is anything too hard for me?”

  3. graceforgrace

    This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

    I work as a facilitator in our church’s addiction recovery group. I was just reading in the scriptures this morning of a man named Zeezrom who accepted Jesus and was healed instantly. This pastor had the same experience.

    My experience with recovery and complete healing was more gradual than this, but it definitely started when I made the conscious decision not to try and fix things on my own anymore, but to turn it over to the Lord. I describe it in more detail in a book I wrote about it called “Discovering Light”, but over the course of 2 years and through faith on my part and grace on the Lord’s, I was able to fully heal.

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