100 pastors barred from attending Chinese Christian conference

zhang and liuAbout 100 Chinese pastors were barred by police from attending a Christian conference in Hong Kong in early March, China Aid reports.

Another 2,000 pastors were granted the entrance/exit pass needed to visit Hong Kong, which retains some of its freedoms since the British colony was turned over to China in 1997. Some of the attendees were from Taiwan, which is not under Chinese dominion.

The conference – sponsored by China Aid, China Ministries and Evangelistic Ministries Intl. – featured well-known pastors, lawyers, professors, authors and scholars. It focused on evangelism, “kingdomization,” and aligning the Chinese church with Christian values, China Aid reports.

China Aid spokesperson Rachel Ritchie was reluctant to speculate as to why some invitees were barred from the conference. But a pastor who has traveled to and ministered in China says persecution comes in waves and is sporadic.

The barring is being seen as part of an intensifying of persecution under the new Communist Party regime – with a new president and new prime minister assuming offices in March 2013. The leaders are looking to consolidate their power and thwart any potential adversaries, real or imaginary. Since the Christian church is growing astronomically, it is viewed as a negative, Western influence and a potential mobilizer of the masses.

In Wenzhou – called “China’s Jerusalem” for its high concentration of Christians, the Central Government ordered the demolition of churches and the removal of crosses, some of which had won permits with local authorities in early 2014. Continue reading.

13 responses to “100 pastors barred from attending Chinese Christian conference

  1. mrsmariposa2014

    Wow. We forget here in America what others are facing around the world. Prayers going out to China and those facing persecution for their faith.

  2. Our brothers and sisters overseas suffer greatly!

  3. Thanks for calling attention to this. For those who are interested, a quick search on “Dennis Balcombe” would be very enlightening.

  4. Wow. I heard about the church growth in China and wondered how the gov’t there would respond to it. It figures they would see it as a threat. Of course they’d be afraid of losing control.

  5. Such a great reminder not everyone lives how we live. We are so blessed! Really enjoyed perusing your blog, great info!!! Thanks for stopping by My Pink Champagne Life:)

  6. Religious freedom truly is a blessing. So easy to forget. Praying for China.

  7. Reblogged this on Testimony & Prayer Ministries and commented:
    A Really Interesting Read!!!

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