He evangelized nude

Christian Fellowship MinistriesHow was he supposed to know that you shouldn’t witness about Jesus while you’re naked?

But there he was on a nude beach in Australia, newly saved after reading theLate Great Planet Earth, and he hadn’t learned all the norms of Christianity yet. Yes, God showed abundant grace, mercy, and patience with Bruce Callahan in his early steps of faith.

bruce callahan

Before Christ, the beach was his passion. Now Jesus is.

Raised in Boston, Callahan fell into drugs before his friends. He smoked marijuana and abused psychedelic drugs like LSD. When he was 18, his girlfriend became pregnant.

“I was on the cutting edge of sin,” Callahan says. “Back then nobody got their girlfriend pregnant, but I did. Religion didn’t work for me. My religion was the streets.” Read more about this Christian Fellowship Ministries pastor.

16 responses to “He evangelized nude

  1. My, my, my…you have the best posts!! I can see a Matthew McConaughy type roaming around nude talking about Jesus. It is true that God shows abundant mercy, patience, and love with all of us in our early walk. I love that they love talking and singing about Jesus now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    Oh, this was a gooood one! Isn’t it awesome how God meets us where we are and loves us just the same? 🙂

  3. Ha! That is a great story. Evangelizing nude, now that is a new one. Seek and you shall find, even on a nude beach down under… God meets us where we are. Christ Himself went seeking His disciples from among the murders, thieves, prostitutes, tax collectors. He is good at finding those diamonds in the rough. 😉

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  5. The Lord is merciful =)

  6. I immediately thought of Isaiah prophesying nude for three years…great post!

  7. I got saved reading “Late Great Planet E !”

    Now 28 years later, I’m a Calvinist who barely believes all that Dallas Theological Seminary claptrap. Go figure. Jesus is definitely Lord….

  8. Actually they have been getting their girlfriends pregnant since mankind began. 😉

  9. That would probably be the place to find many souls in need of salvation. Thank you so much for posting this and continuing to read about the Servants of Charity!!!

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