Achieve the sublime

achieve the sublimeFor me, the most inspiring thing about this photo is the dancer is a friend of mine. The leap is dumbfounding and graceful. That it’s a regular guy only makes it more extraordinary for me.

Javier Moya Romero dances with the Los Angeles Ballet and, for a season, attended Lighthouse Church where I go. He even invited me to see him perform La Sylphide last year. I’m not even an initiate for ballet. I went just to show him support. I had to read online about the plot. The only way I realized a particularly spectacular dance move was done was by the applause of the rest of the audience. So I applauded with them.

Out this came an appreciation for a dance form that heretofore was esoteric for me. Ballet is the pinnacle of dance. And it’s amazing what the human body can do with vigorous training, dedication and hard work. It’s downright inspiring.

When Javier flies, so does my imagination. It’s inspiring for us to all strive to attain the heights of beauty and perfection in whatever talent God has given us to bless mankind.

11 responses to “Achieve the sublime

  1. That’s a fabulous photo 😉

  2. When Javier flies, so does my imagination. Thanks for inspirational message.

  3. Love this! My 18 year old is a company dancer for the Charlotte Ballet. You are so right about how hard they train; like Olympic athletes.

    • Wow. I never knew much about ballet. But now I’m really gaining an appreciation for them. I guess it all started with Joy Womack. She used to go to our church (before moving to Texas). Since I am a reporter, I did a couple of articles on her. So I had to research about ballet. But Javier invited me, so it was my first change to see it live.

  4. Ballet takes a lot of dedication. I never had the chance to be able to dance. I am a polio survivor and I enjoy watching all kinds of dance. I marvel at the time involved to learn all those steps. My steps just get me from place to place but so grateful the I can still take steps. My love for watching dancing will always be there.

  5. God gives us great gifts and I believe our talents must soar like this Javier’s!

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