I need this dog to find my stuff

This is perfect. By the smell on the object, the dog brings left items back to their owners while their still in the airport. Can I get one of these dogs to help me find my glasses, my keys, my agenda, my cell phone, my book, my jacket — my everything I lose.

I was sitting on top of the world when I was pastor in Guatemala. At home, my wife found everything I lost. At the church school, my secretary found everything. Even my daughter got in on the act. I was absolutely baffled how, as soon as she started, she’d follow a sixth sense and go straight to where the item lay — usually where I had already searched six times meticulously myself without finding it.

But now, my wife does engineering and doesn’t have time. I don’t have a secretary anymore. And my daughter is in college and is too sophisticated to deign to something so simple (for her) as finding stuff for doddering Dad.

Good thing my head is attached to my shoulders, or surely I would lose it. Good thing Jesus is attached to my heart, or a similar fate would be my demise.

Can you lose God? Actually this is huge controversy among denominations. Without resolving the conflict, I would like to point out that the prodigal son didn’t stop being a son. And, once you’re born again, the Bible mentions nothing about being un-born again.

I guess I’m a believer more in the unfailing love of God than in the failure-prone love of man. Man is fickle; God is faithful. If we are unfaithful, He cannot be so.

I have not intention of making a theological treatise or siding with one point of view entirely. I only wish to conjure much love, admiration and praise to God who loves us much more than we could ever imagine.

12 responses to “I need this dog to find my stuff

  1. Sissy, my corgi finds my stuff, then puts it where she thinks it belongs!

  2. I know…..just God.

  3. Great film! As a dedicated shepherd seeking to save the lost…

    Though technically remaining a son, the prodigal son was a covenant-breaker. He chose to enter headlong into sin. He squandered his inheritance. Broke and having no place else to go, he went home, which he considered no longer a home because of his covenant-breaking actions. He hoped to at most be a slave. But thanks to the love of his father and his father’s faithfulness to his end of the covenant, something happened which the unfaithful son did not expect: His father still loved him and wanted him back. The son repented. The covenant was restored.

    The New Covenant is a blood covenant. This covenant requires two parties. It places strong requirements on both parties in order to exist and remain in effect. God is always faithful to His part in the covenant.

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE this. What a cutie. I’ll have to show it to my beagle.

  5. “I guess I’m a believer more in the unfailing love of God than in the failure-prone love of man.”
    And me, too.

  6. I am so glad that God loves more than I can imagine. I am so glad that he forgives more than I deserve. I am so glad he is always near me. Thaks

  7. Amen! And God bless!

  8. I agree whole heartedly and great seeing you Yesterday Mike and Levi

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