Prominent scientist came to faith when he examined the data

Francis CollinsThe current head of the National Institutes of Health, Francis S. Collins, came to faith after he set out to disprove God.

“I had always assumed that faith was based on purely emotional and irrational arguments and was astounded to discover that one could build a very strong case for the plausibility of God,” he noted on CNN. “My earlier atheist’s assertion that ‘I know there is no God’ emerged as the least defensible.”

A geneticist, Collins was appointed director of the $3 billion international Genome Project in 1993, which completed sequencing the 3.3 billion pairs of nucleotides by 2004. The resulting gene map offers hope to cure genetic disorders.

It also gave Collins a spectacular view into the magnificence, order, and finely-tune perfection of the DNA molecule, God’s software for every living thing. Directorship of the Genome Project was touted as the most prestigious job in science at the time.

“At the most fundamental level, it’s a miracle that there’s a universe at all,” he told National Geographic. “It’s a miracle that allows the possibility of complexity and laws that follow precise mathematical formulas. Contemplating this, an open-minded observer is almost forced to conclude that there must be a ‘must’ behind all this. To me, that qualifies as a miracle, a profound truth that lies outside of scientific explanation.” Read the rest of the articles: scientists who believe in Jesus.

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  1. Stephen Charlton

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    All I can Say is Amen !

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    “…[A]theism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning.” –C. S. Lewis

  3. You can’t see all the miracles that were created everyday and not believe.

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  5. Thanks for sharing this faith building story!

  6. Thanks for this blog.

    Even cosmologists admit that the chances of the Universe coming about through random events is extremely small.

    Stephen Hawking’s lack of faith comes from his idea that God could not bother himself with something as small as human beings.Yet we, who believe in an omnipresent God, know that he is equally as much in the smallest place as the largest. Moreover, why bother send his Son to earth otherwise..

    Easter blessings everyone!

  7. Great ! There is nothing in the Universe sans HIM, THE LORD ALMIGHTY, OMNiPOTENT, OMNISCIENT AND OMNIPRESENT!

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  9. coronalongreach

    With a lifetime career in the sciences of geophysics and geology with continuing interests in astrophysics I have recently posted my article on “scientific evidence for the intelligent design of the universe”. Please see my blogs at:
    and also at:

    • Hi coronalongreach, I would suggest you do an “about” page so that readers can see your credentials.

      • coronalongreach

        I am Scottish by ancestry, British by birth, Australian by adoption and a citizen of the world by absorption. I was educated in the sciences and spent my professional career in the fields of Geology and Geophysics, with continuing interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Philosophy. Early in the 1960’s I evinced a strong interest in comparative religion, and during my travels around the world over the ensuing years I became acquainted with a wide variety of people and their belief systems. After I retired I devoted myself to the pursuit of answers to the many questions I had about Spiritual Realities, the absolute truth.
        I realized that if I was ever going to find spiritual truth I must absolutely reject all ideas acquired from others, all knowledge derived from authority and all inherited moral and intellectual ideas and ideals and begin to rely entirely upon God’s spirit leadings for guidance, because many religious instructors in every religion have prejudiced their students. I abandoned abstract matters of scientific importance and decided to concentrate instead upon the highest of all pertinent studies, that of Human Being – the meaning of human existence.
        I later experienced an epiphany, following which I began writing the vivid impressions I was receiving in response to my prayers for spiritual enlightenment. Those were edited and compiled into what eventually resulted in a series of papers about spiritual transformation. By the time that I felt that it was completed I found myself quite advanced in years and unsure what to do with the results. A younger friend suggested the Internet and recommended trying a blog, which she explained as a means to introduce the papers. With assistance I subsequently started posting the papers in 2013 and have since received a few encouraging responses.

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    There must be a ‘must’ behind all of this.

  11. Great blog very powerful.

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