Breaking point

breaking pointEve broke when she saw the fruit.

David broke when he saw Bath Sheba.

Peter broke when he very nearly was arrested along with Jesus.

Moses broken when the Israelites complained one too many times.

Noah broken when he planted a vineyard.

Lot broke when he saw Sodom destroyed.

Abraham broke when he feared for his life over the matter of his wife.

Jonah broke when he got an unwanted assignment.

Jacob broke when an army of 400 came after him.

Paul broke when Barnabus dared to question his leadership over the question of taking Mark along with them.

Mark broke when things got rough.

Solomon broke when he loved many women.

Rehoboam broke when he listened to his friends instead of wise counselors.

Esther broke when the pressure was too great.

(Image source: Originally from Stock Photos).

9 responses to “Breaking point

  1. This post was SO necessary. Thank you for posting this!!!!!!! 😀

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen! So true! Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours! Glory be to God! He is alive!

  3. Ashamed to confess that I break before the breaking point.
    Felices pascuas ! Every day is “easter”.

  4. saddlebackmountainfarm

    why is there a “god”? because we are mortal. if we did not die, there would be no god. why? because we wouldn’t “need” him.
    tell me it’s not so.
    god was born on the first day that someone first feared death.

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