‘Really hard’ saying ‘Goodbye’ on Africa Medical Mission

Africa Medical Missions

Carla, with one of the children she fell in love with.

Carla Cedillo got spooked as soon as she set foot in Africa.

“Africa is a different world,” she said. “I felt like we were in  a movie. I felt like we were an infomercial that says, ‘For  $1.00 a day, you can help save a life.’ I remember my mom saying there are poor people in Africa, but it never hit home until we we went to Africa.”

Lighthouse Medical Missions

In the pharmacy

On the Lighthouse Medical Missions trip to Tanzania in 2015, Carla, who works at the Lighthouse Christian Preschool, fell in love with all the children. “I wanted to hold them all,” she said. “They were all so adorable.”

When a little child came through the clinic with her tongue attached to the bottom of her mouth, Dr. Bob Hamilton offered to cut it loose immediately. “I thought blood was going to gush everywhere,” she said.

African Medical Missions

With her brother, Arti, and some Tanzanians

During most of the 5-day clinic, Carla manned the pharmacy and gained a great appreciation for pharmacists. “It wasn’t easy,” she said. “Now I know why pharmacists are always in a bad mood.”

When the clinic was over and it was time to head to the airport, it hard to say “Goodbye.”

Dr. Bob Hamilton | Medical Missions“They kept telling us, ‘We’ll see you in Heaven.’ That true but it was really hard,” Carla said. “I think about them everyday. I’m sure they’ll think about us everyday for the rest of the lives.”

17 responses to “‘Really hard’ saying ‘Goodbye’ on Africa Medical Mission

  1. I got a kick out of “now I know why pharmacists are always in a bad mood”. I’m a pharmacist!!!
    Loved seeing the photos of the adorable children. Very rewarding trip for all involved I’m sure!

  2. I love your blog. Thanks for following mine. I so appreciate your mission efforts in country. I can only reach out through the blog. So far my docs have been really cautious with me and where I go since I was diagnosed with the IgGg immunity in 2011. I obviously don’t live in a bubble, but it is the reason I catch more things than average and they are more serious than average.
    As the Lord pointed out me again this week , quit complaining! I know exactly how you are made and will be glorified through it.

  3. Everyone needs to read and respond.

  4. Reblogged this on Covey View and commented:
    Story about a medical mission team in Africa. Are you being called to go?

  5. So glad there are people that heed the call and volunteer for these missions. It is so important. Perhaps the Lord will call me to go at some point.

  6. The most profound statement for me was this: “I remember my mom saying there are poor people in Africa, but it never hit home until we we went to Africa.” Some things mean much more when you experience them first hand and it’s true, many of us will see each other in heaven – especially those that were God’s hands and feet and examples of his love while they were on earth. Great job. Hugs!

  7. Touching. May the Lord bless the Medical Mission from your church.

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