The most exciting day in a long time: an emo for dinner

better than expresso

What’s better than coffee? Getting someone saved.

The highlight of the week has been reached. We had our neighborhood emo for dinner.

An emo is a latest iteration on the goth/punk subculture, which revels in depression and dresses dark with bright colored hair. Why would I want my daughter hanging out with her? Because we’re going to get her saved.

Behind the despair, there’s a heart that needs Jesus. Behind the self-harm (if she does it), there’s a dire need for love. We Christians are not on Planet Earth for any other reason than to lavish love on the unloveable.

There is nothing more thrilling or meaningful than to see people come to Christ.

16 responses to “The most exciting day in a long time: an emo for dinner

  1. LOL, oh, amen! I was a bit of a goth in my younger days, so there is hope even for a emo.

    You’re right, getting someone saved is better than coffee. However, that’s about the only thing better than coffee 😉

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen. So often we want to avoid when we need to be reaching out.

  3. I can’t tell you how much I love this!

  4. So VERY true. People need Jesus more than our failing culture!

  5. PS: We can not get them saved, but we can bring them to the Savior. I am sure that is what you meant. May god use your daughter in a mighty way. praise God she is an asset to her genrantion!

  6. Yes! Amen! Jesus takes off our dark polluted clothes and clothes us with his glory like water covers the sea! He transfers us from the dominion of darkness to the Kingdom of his Beloved Son! Arise, shine!

  7. […we’re going to get her saved.]
    Hmmmmmm. I doubt that YOU are going to “get her saved”.
    The Holy Spirit may have mercy on this person and do the hard work for you, however. I certainly hope so.

  8. Jesus definitely hung out with the “emos” of His day.

  9. Ignorant outlook. That Emo / Goth kid is perfectly fine and doesn’t need “saving”. Your desire to extend friendship is indeed truly Christian, but implying that there is something undesirable about them that needs ‘fixing’ or ‘saving’ is judgmental in the extreme. The sadness and depression is indicative of a sensitive soul. God made them that way, that they see beauty and sadness in the world around them – don’t try and change it. They are fine they way they are. Don’t try to ‘save’ them for your own reasons and interpretations of what is right or what makes you happy. Your self-righteous meddling in this respect is not required.
    – A Gothic Christian

    • Hi Sister Goth, Thank you for your comments. I think the need to reevaluate our sensitivity towards others is a vigilance we should keep constantly. In any case, I would like to try to clarify: 1) As a Christian, I believe everyone needs “saving” and none not any more than others. So I didn’t mean to paint my emo friend as evil. 2) Being sensitive is a blessing! I heartily concur with you. 3) I don’t mean to imply that there is something undesireable with emos or anyone else, but I am dealing with stereotypes in the church, where sadly shunning does go on. I recently did an article on a church that reaches out only to Muslims, and there were Christians afraid to get involved because they were afraid they would be killed by them. So I deal a lot with trying to get Christians to come out of their cocoon, out of their four walls, out of their prejudice and stereotypes and show the love of Christ. Is my daughter’s friend “unsaved” because she is an “emo?” Certainly not. When you become “saved,” must you stop being “emo?” No I don’t think so. However, many times people manifest their hurts in their exterior (not always), and she certainly didn’t give me the impression of someone who has accepted Jesus into her heart. So, yes, I am excited to think that not only she but anyone and everyone will come to experience the rapturous love of our Savior that I have experienced and that He wants to lavish on everybody, especiall hurt hearts. I hope this can shed a bit of light on the topcic. Yours, Mike

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