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What is Facebook good for? Provoking envy, according to studies.

Why are we humans so prone to brag, show off and flaunt pride? This is sin.

Why are also vulnerable to feeling envy? Rom. 12:15 describes Christian character: Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Feel good about another’s success/blessing. Feel compassion on another’s failure/suffering.

Compassion of the suffering is why Christians evangelize. Maybe what you’re suffering is envy. Come to Jesus.

34 responses to “Envybook

  1. I 53:5 Project

    I quit Facebook over two years ago because of the narcissistim. Seems not much has changed.

  2. I got off Facebook because for me the bad outweighed the good. I like the connectedness factor but it feels like one giant show-off fest. I can get in that mentality too, which you’re right- IS sinful. Not only that but checking Facebook can crowd out precious prayer time or developing REAL world relationships. No thanks.

  3. Yes, very interesting! But I think that will change soon…people get tired of showing every detail in their life and need more ‘privacy’

  4. mrsmariposa2014

    Oh, yes, this is an issue of great frustration for me, especially in view of social media becoming of undue importance to something I long for-a credible and (modestly) profitable writing career. I have just now only gotten Facebook- for prayer requests, encouragements, and to share work with other lowly writers like myself. My friends list is miniscule and my updates are few comparatively. I am not in love with the trends in writing-rather an oddity in my generation-but, prayerfully, I am striving to set a tone rather than letting social media change me.

  5. the cartoon is so funny….and sad…..and true
    thank God for Jesus! 🙂

  6. I think competition, bragging, pride, and envy are alive and well in the church – maybe even more so than outside of it. The cartoon is funny to me, but I doubt if Joseph & Mary would have that bumper sticker on their mule lol.

  7. I rarely log into my Facebook account because I tend to fight with feelings of impatience, envy or judgmentalism (ie pride). The strong focus on photos and sound-bite style communication doesn’t really appeal to me anyway.

    But I’ve noticed that blogging and even “real life” can offer the same types of temptations as Facebook. It’s pretty humbling to realize that the issue originates not in any specific form of interaction, but from within my own sin-prone human nature.

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  9. This is short but so powerful because it’s so real, hits home and beautifully points to a Savior to save us from our sin of pride and envy!

  10. I got off mainly for my spouse who had the ill effects of the study cited. It doesn’t bother me to be on or off since I’m a casual user who generally only looks at my notifications. But it’s been a great thing for our marriage.

  11. What a deep message. 🙂

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