Seeing potential

photo(5)Hosea and I are extremely happy. After being without a team for 1 1/2 years, he’s been accepted on to Autobahn Soccer Club based in Santa Monica. Club soccer is the highest level for kids. You’ll get the best training available.

In my unbiased opinion (keep in mind that I’m the dad), Hosea is something of a soccer genius. With ball in front of goal, his spontaneous tricks befuddle goalies. He’s got a baby face, but he plays like a tank.

But 1 1/2 years ago, another club wouldn’t have him. He made a few poor decisions. He lack fitness. He was heartbroken. So was I.

At the end of his tryout, Coach Herve saw some spark that he liked. He saw potential.

If you are in leadership in the church, do you dismiss the players God sends you. Do you dwell on their defects, their inferiority. If you are going to build a winning team, you’ll have to see what Jesus sees: potential. (Everybody has potential.) Develop it in your followers.

7 responses to “Seeing potential

  1. Great exhortation and greatly needed in Christian service today. We must approach others without assumptions other than they are a child of the Heavenly Father even if they themselves are not aware of that fact. I love your example also! Many blessings to Hosea and to you dad for not giving up and keeping him motivated with the “eye on the prize!”

  2. A chance, some grace, and wonders!

  3. esorenneiluj25

    Everyone has potential. Potential to do more, to be excellent. We have just let them open up. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing this article about your son. We certainly do need what I would call ‘TALENT SPOTTERS’ in the Body of Christ!
    You may be interested in reading my latest Blog on the same subject…

  5. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen. Too many get dismissed because they don’t fit our idea of the mold, forgetting God sees so much more.

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