She fell and still won

Heather Dorniden credits God with her amazing come-from-behind win in the 2008 Big 10 indoor track championships 600 meter race. She stumbles and falls. She gets up and still wins! At the end of the video, she talks about her faith in God.

This is a picture of what we should do when we stumble and fall.

3 responses to “She fell and still won

  1. Wow!!! All I can say is wow!! This is so inspiring! Praise God!!

  2. Reblogged this on In The Potter's Hands and commented:
    I’m in a reblogging mood I guess. 🙂 Seriously, I’m reading some very inspiring blogs and I know we all need these encouragements from the Lord. This video shows a girl running a 600m dash race. In the last few laps she falls. Watch how she ends up still winning the race. Ya’ll this is what we need to do. We fall, but we can get back up and still win the race! Just get up!

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