Nutella, where have you been all my life?


I’m 47 years old, and I just discovered Nutella. Of course, I had tried it on crepes at fancy restaurants, but I had no idea that I could get it for home. But my daughter, who has a radar for yummy stuff, began dipping strawberries in it. The curmudgeon in my resisted such unconventional innovations.

Then, one day overcome by an odd desire to try something new, I tasted for myself. Eyes bulged. Scoffing disappeared. Immediately I was hooked addicted.

It took me 47 years to discover this delight. After almost five decades of life, I’m still discovering new wonders that God has prepared for us humans.

And you want to tell me that Heaven doesn’t have unending wonders to please everyday for eternity? Sorry, but I don’t think wings, white robe and a golden harp describe adequately Heaven. The fact that the Bible talks little about Heaven only means that God kept surprises for us.

I’m still discovering delights here on Earth.

48 responses to “Nutella, where have you been all my life?

  1. LOL! Oh dear, another Nutella addict is born.

    There really are delights right here on Earth we have not yet discovered. Heaven is going to be even more amazing, colors we haven’t yet seen, things we haven’t smelled. Somebody told me that when the wind blows in heaven it smells like bread baking. Hey, works for me. πŸ˜‰

  2. dorothymaydekok

    I’m 48 years old and have just discovered avocado. So, yes, I agree with you.
    What will be my special surprise, I wonder?

  3. This post really brought a smile to my face…and made me crave some Nutella.

  4. Welcome to the Nutella fan club! I absolutely love it. I always have an open jar nearby.

  5. Lol! This is hilarious! And totally relatable! I too am a Nutella fiend…I hit rock bottom the day I found myself simply spooning it straight out of the jar πŸ™ˆ !

  6. Oh, yeah, man. Nutella. Discovered at 55. Life is good.

  7. Hi Mike! How are you? I hope Rafik has sent the invite already but we would like to i invite you and Diana this Sunday at 5:00pn for a get together at home – it has been a while, would be nice to connect with tou again. We also have a missionary guest we would like ou to meet as well, so please say yes?! πŸ™‚ Hooe to see you this Sunday!


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  8. It’s actually been in the US a long time. We’ve been eating that for years.

  9. Nutella is one of the truly good things in life. Next try dipping a banana.

  10. Lunch suggestion: Nutella on Ritz crackers, washed down with a Coke Zero. I encountered Nutella in Germany fifteen years ago. Also great with bananas on crepes, or just about anything else! Pray hard.

  11. Nutella is under the heading of “testings”–can I walk past the Nutella display at Costco without tossing a container in the cart? I believe Heaven shall provide calorie free delights. For now, perseverance against Nutella. Ghiradella hazelnut bars are another story.

  12. Delighted to read that you have discovered Nutella!

    It was invented in the 1940s when chocolate was in short supply. Pietro Ferrero used hazelnuts from the Piedmont region (northwestern Italy) instead. He died only a year or so ago. It’s great that he lived such a long life and was able to see his product become so famous.

    My only caveat is to watch how much of it you eat. I put on a few pounds very quickly many years ago enjoying Nutella. That said, it is a heavenly treat!

  13. Thanks for “spreading” the message!

  14. LOL. So true. Love Nutella! And I love discovering God’s surprises.

  15. I’m glad you like Nutella. Now you’ll have to try Vegemite πŸ™‚

  16. LOL! That’s a great photo. I love Nutella too

  17. Great breakfast with Nutella.( the Mustard seed is the smallest seed but when it is planted it becomes the largest tree) l always remember the saying when l visit your blog. Jalal

  18. Great post! I discovered Nutella myself when I ran out of syrup and had to put it on my pancakes (a friend had left some in my pantry). And I agree, I tell my kids all the time to name some of their favorite things and most outlandish dreams and goals, then I remind them that God has something way beyond what they can even conceive of waiting for them in heaven. It’s a treasure to look forward to :-).

  19. I make nutella ice box with mixed fruits!

  20. Used to like Nutella but have now found all kinds of flavored nut butters that I like just as well. I usually just dip pretzels in it or bake with it.

  21. I still haven’t tried it yet. I guess I should, since it’s legal and all (unlike a lot of other things I haven’t tried). I don’t know what’s worse though, liking it and realizing so much of my life has been spent without it, or being disappointed when it doesn’t live up to the hype.

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