And then there’s prayer

and then there's prayer

Need a breakthrough in your life? Maybe you think you need money. But not too many of us have that in abundance. This is how you get a breakthrough without a monetary investment. It’s called prayer.

Prayer only costs us time. Other than that, it’s completely free.

When I was a missionary in Guatemala, I didn’t have a lot of resources. So I spent time praying. And God did amazing things.

I realized that more work wasn’t the answer. Logically, God can get more done that I could. So if I prayed more, God would do what I couldn’t do.

Some people are so busy that they don’t pray. They don’t know what they’re missing.

13 responses to “And then there’s prayer

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    This post from Mustard Seed Budget was too good to pass by, so I’m passing it on.

  2. Some time back the “Rose is Rose” comic had an episode where the little boy’s guardian angel is telling him he had had an incredible amount of things to get done in a 24-hour period, so he spent the first 23 hours in prayer to make it possible. That’s far more true to reality than most of us realize!

  3. So true, I will have to add~seed sowing~ as well. What goes around, really does come around.

  4. Prayer is relationship with the Father through his son Jesus Christ and with Holy Spirit who prayer for us when we are without words. Our Heavenly Father wants his children to spend time with him, to listen to him and to bless us.

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    Wise words, pray first not when you can think of nothing else to do.

  6. Absolutely! The longer I live, the more important prayer becomes. Like my grandmother, I’m learning to pray it through…and like you say, God does amazing things in answering our prayers! Thanks for a place to say, amen!

  7. You are right, when my prayer life slows down, my entire spiritual too follows suit. Moreover, prayer is a love language between me and my heavenly Father.

  8. That is true! Have faith and pray more.

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