Not everything is a blessing

discernmentMany things are said to be blessings, but not all comes from God. If you swallow the wrong stuff, it will be bitter. I guess that’s why Rom. 12:2 says we should pray for discernment. The fact that the majority says something is good does not mean that it is in fact good. As human beings, we want to receive true good from God, not a something that looks like it.

Comic source: pinterest

20 responses to “Not everything is a blessing

  1. Amen!

  2. Sometimes the best blessings of all come from actually NOT getting what you want, so I’m with you there, blessings can be a complicated thing. 😉

  3. lol the picture made me chuckle

  4. Great cartoon. Love the message!

  5. Your sense of humor is showing again! Must be all that Nutella…

  6. Very good point; we need to be discerning

  7. Thank you for the reminder. I really needed this today.

  8. Brad Grierson

    Reblogged this on Reflections of Faith.

  9. Brad Grierson

    Good discernment is always key.

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