E-mail has not replaced knee-mail

knee mail | communication wtih GodBefore texting, there was instantaneous communication. It was called prayer.

And you don’t have to get on your knees to pray — although some people find the position of their body helps with there outlook.

You should call out on God before you get into desperation. Just saying.

You are too busy to NOT pray.

Image source: Buzzfeed

4 responses to “E-mail has not replaced knee-mail

  1. Nice post, l heard someone else today say that prayer should be our steering wheel not our spare tire. That may have come from Corrie Ten Boom?

  2. “There” should be “their outlook”…

    Love, Your friendly neighborhood copy editor

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  3. I love the sentiment, but I agree with joshcaleb12, and the original sign has an unnecessary apostrophe. It grieves me when God’s people come across as ignorant, or careless at best.

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