Is it worth it?

walnuts waterA study suggests California is entering the worst drought in 1,200 years. Walnut growers provide 28% of the world’s walnuts, and they use more water than all the homes and businesses of Los Angeles combined (10 million people).

If the investment of water in walnuts seems mind-boggling, you should consider that more has been invested in your salvation. If God was willing to invest his only Son’s blood into one soul’s salvation, shouldn’t we be willing to give lavishly to fund the work of revival?

16 responses to “Is it worth it?

  1. So True, Jesus has invested everything for our salvation…… help us Lord to invest in others as you invested into me !

  2. I hope it rains soon. 😦 *sends water*

  3. IDK why they are cultivating in Cali. Stupid stupid and yet more stupid.

  4. I love the horror/Goth culture so seeing as I like ghosts and puppets scare me. Or is it marionettes?

  5. Very very good point. My wife and I was just talking about how the Lord does take care of us when we invest in His Kingdom work.

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