Our small school’s senior class.

My church recently voted “no” to selling our high school property, which we are in arrears for a year and a half. The offering price: $5 million.

It seems like some people thought the price was too much to pass up, even a blessing given by God. By contrast, I thought the price was the devil’s temptation. This property contains a small two-story building used for the high school, a small church and a parsonage. Getting rid of it would mean one less church in Santa Monica, a reversal for revival in a needy city.

Three weeks ago I blogged about my despair, and many of you joined me in prayer. Today, things are on the upswing. We are getting new students every week for next year. These are kids who are going to hear the Word of God daily. They’re coming out of public school chaos and into an environment of loving teachers and fellow students. We have a girl who was cutting herself; now she’s rocketing for Jesus. We have former gang-bangers, kids who got bullied, the list goes on.

Maybe $5 million seems like a lot of money. But I feel that each of these kids individually is worth WAY MORE THAN $5 million. To describe them as worth $5 million is to sell them short.

Hey, Christ gave his life for each one of them. Why would not value them more?

I’m praising Jesus that, at least for now, we are keeping the school on track with expansion. We should sell it when we outgrow it, and we should sell it to whoever will conserve the church, not to some developer who will turn it into condos or something.

YOU are worth WAY MORE THAN $5 million

12 responses to “#WorthWayMoreThan$5Million

  1. Congratulations!!! You & and your fellowmates did a great job..

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    Rejoicing with you! We serve a mighty God who hears our heart’s cry!

  3. Paul reminds us that “The love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.” {1 Tim 6:10}. Thank you for ignoring that temptation and staying on the narrow path, supporting the young people. God bless you.

  4. YOU are worth more than 5 millIon sparrows! 😉

    I’ll try to keep this brief– and as I don’t publish much about my personal life, we’ll keep this between friends–I’ve been wrestling lately for wisdom in a similar kind of situation. The kicker is that the decision doesn’t effect me, per say, but it effects my community. I just happen to be a voting member for said community. If I were removed from my obligation, I’d sleep well. Lol But since I take my post responsibly, it keeps me up at night. Your post here is yet another confirmation of my heart. So, thank you for sharing. For the simple things of this world are meant to confound the wise. Shalom.

  5. Go for it! Yahweh Jireh is more than able!

  6. So excited to read this. Will keep praying!!!

  7. Praying for your situation because I’ve been praying for a similar one. It is my conviction that the Kingdom of God needs to be expanding and advancing, not retreating from territory it already occupied.

  8. Wow I’m going to continue to pray for your church and the school! What a testimony!

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