Surviving drought

California droughtAs we enter the worst drought in 1,200 years, Californians are shifting into survival mode. Farmers are cutting water use 25%, and Angelinos are ripping out grass and installing turf in their yards. I’m scolding people in my household for long showers and shutting off the spigot between rinses at the kitchen sink.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

There are spiritual droughts as well, and the key to them is to survive them. Of course, you’ll hear countless seminars about getting rain. But sometimes, you can’t make it rain, in your marriage, in your finances or in a relationship at church where the other person doesn’t want rain.

So hunker down and survive. Don’t move to another state (out of the state of salvation).

6 responses to “Surviving drought

  1. mrsmariposa2014

    Thanks, friend, for a timely word. I am feeling particularly dry recently. My dreams seem to be but dust and I fear I am growing too weary to continue. To face that perhaps the writing career I wanted for me may really not be what God has for me is humbling. But, I know I must hold on to Him come what may.

  2. It is clearly demonstrable that over-watering a plant can kill it with root rot, and at the least, weaken it and keep it from putting down deep roots. God knows that we are the same way, and sometimes allows dry periods to strengthen us in the long run. As Paul said, “Our light and momentary troubles are working in us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

  3. *sends ❤ and Canadian thunderstorms*

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