Bend Jesus any way you want

bendable Jesus

Perfect for our time! Now we can bend Jesus any way we want.

If you don’t like certain scriptures, put a nice spin on them.

21 responses to “Bend Jesus any way you want

  1. LOL where did you fins that?

  2. LOL! I saw this at a Christian Bookstore once. You are too funny!

  3. Wow.. talk about twisting Christ or a crooked what would Jesus do doll.

  4. I 53:5 Project

    Perfect for our times for sure.

    I will be going on vacation for a couple of weeks soon and, so I don’t have to do any blogging while I’m gone, I would like to schedule some guest posts.

    I love what you do on your blog and would be honored if you’d allow me to feature something you’ve written, with credit and a link to your blog of course.

    Can be anything, something new, or a chance to revive and old favorite.

    Thanks in advance for considering.ย 

    God bless,


  5. Funny, yesterday I was led to watch the video for Depeche Mode’s video “Personal Jesus” which I was surprised to see featured call girls. The song is about making anyone be Jesus for you, your own personal Jesus, twisty, bendable, distortable counterfeits to meet your own definition; a different Christ than the gospel of God. I watched Johnny Cash’s cover of Personal Jesus and he brought a gospel perspective to the song.

  6. Yes, this is important to know and if this is a way to ‘reach the masses’ so be it! Smiles and yes, I love Jesus!!

  7. Wow! That’s something I’ve never seen before. Gumby Jesus…loved the message in this post.

  8. I noticed the “Warning” that He is a choking hazard as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nice satire…unfortunately it’s a practice among some today.

  10. Isn’t that what man tends to do anyway? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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