Eating disorders and self image

Needless to say, we are so proud of our students Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica who put together this short for a film class. Eulie Scheel, Hasset Anteneh and a cameo appearance Daniella Mezrahi. Eulie’s mom is Marcia Harden, creator of Code Black.

This video probes eating disorders, self image, depression and self worth. It’s a tear-jerker.


13 responses to “Eating disorders and self image

  1. Beautifully done! So much wisdom in the message coming from such young lovely ladies! They have a lot to teach the world! ❤

  2. Reblogged this on awomansaved.

  3. This is such an important subject matter and I appreciate how carefully you presented this. I hope that this will bless and help many people who have poor self images or low self esteem. God bless and keep you safe. Also, keep up the good works you do.

  4. I have the opportunity to teach on this subject to future medical professionals, since I teach Medical English at a nursing school and a College of Rehabilitation. More power to these kids!

  5. A constant topic in my counseling office. This is a great video, done with unusual wisdom and maturity.

  6. Excellent! I’m amazed at how much this got to me, personally, emotionally, still, even now, at the age of 59.

  7. As someone who has been in recovery from anorexia for seven years now, I’m so grateful for the sensitive way this was presented. There are a plethora of misconceptions surrounding the why’s and how’s of eating disorders and no one’s story is the same. There is no one size fits all answer as it’s a terribly complex disorder with an extraordinarily high rate of relapse and mortality. I pray the message will reach those who need to hear it the most. That lives will be changed. God bless.

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