Why I refuse to be ‘promoted’

Lighthouse Church School

With some youngsters at the Lighthouse Church School

I was the senior pastor at Guatemala’s Door Church. We had a school and four churches. Still I taught a grade.

Why? Because daily contact is daily discipleship. You’re not winning anyone to Christ, you’re not forming any leaders by pushing paper. The generals may devise strategies, but the war is won in the trenches. So I continue where the war is won.

Santa Monica Christian school

It was a water balloon war day

Another school year is ending. I teach at the Lighthouse Christian Academy and coach soccer for the counterpart Lighthouse Church School. These Santa Monica Christian schools are a safe place in a topsy-turvy world of moral confusion, in which kids are encouraged to try all sorts of sin and to stop calling it sin. My kids attend Lighthouse.

And it is my joy to be winning souls to Christ there. Young ladies are rescued from cutting, and boys from rage. Hopeless kids turn from drugs to happiness. How could money be better?

Christian primary school | Santa Monica

With my young friends Mosie and Josie.

I don’t earn any money. I do this for free. And it’s worthwhile. Because it’s what Jesus is doing. It’s revival.

By the way, nobody is even asking to promote me. A promotion would be a demotion if it removes me from human contact and making disciples for Christ.

17 responses to “Why I refuse to be ‘promoted’

  1. Wow! What you’re doing is inspirational! May God Bless you 😀

  2. What sweet photos. Thank you for sharing them, you made me smile.

  3. This put a Satisfied Smirk on my face. 😉

  4. The WORD Heals


  5. keep on keeping on brother. You have a rare gift.

  6. Are those boys the pastor couples twin boys that used to pastor in Senegal? I cant think of their names all of a sudden.

  7. Congratulations and keep it up. The joy one gets from serving the Lord is more than any kind of promotion.

  8. God’s Providence will always provide. Keep your faith and trust in Him!!

  9. Love brings us together and love will keep us forever.Jalal

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