Tucson Bible conference and the quest for coffee

mcdonalds hwy 10

At an old-school McDonald’s for breakfast

The mistake was to bundle up too many errands in one stop. I wanted to get cheap Arizona gas AND quality coffee. That wasn’t going to happen on the 10 Fwy from California.

I settled for some coffee called “Zippy” at a gas stop.

A far cry from a coffee whose size is specified in Italian, but what can you expect from a road trip through the desert wasteland between San Bernardino and Phoenix.

church in tucson

My son after the workout.

We hit the mini gym at the hotel before opening night. The Door Church conference is where fires ignited in me to dare to believe in myself and go to Guatemala, where I pastored for 16 years. The excitement is high to see what God might have for me in the future.

14 responses to “Tucson Bible conference and the quest for coffee

  1. I am really recently enjoying the McCafe iced coffees medium sized for a dollar. I also wished to let you know, my Dad, who would take a cup of coffee to go from one McD’s would travel all the way to Florida, pulling up and hopping out, if we were sleeping as little kids do on road trips, then he would get a refill, and use the rest room, sometimes Mom would be awake and do the same. It was during the times hot pots of coffee were on burners in the lobby or away from the serving counter, available to customers. Sneaky parents, re-using the cups. 🙂

  2. You weren’t too far from our previous home in Casa Grande, AZ. Love Tucson and hope you had a great time!

  3. An expression around your son’s eye is really similar to you.

  4. I used to attend the Door in AZ !
    (Globe Christian Center in Globe – 4 great years there .)
    Are you in that church now?

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