I wish gas were like salvation

gas pricesWhen I spotted this, I pulled over rashly, recklessly. Finally, gas I can afford!

Unfortunately, the gas station was closed, fenced in with a chain-link fence and a for-sale sign out. 😦

I wish gas were like salvation: free.

5 responses to “I wish gas were like salvation

  1. Reblogged this on I love the Psalms and commented:
    Here’s something I think most of us can agree on.

  2. Very clever! Now in contrast, the wages of sin go far beyond whatever price they can charge for gasoline, or anything for that matter!

    Thank you for supporting our blog…


  3. Ain’t this the truth. Great Post and Happily Shared. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Especially here in Brazil. And we have Petrobras. Thanks to the greatest case of corruption in a democratic country throughout all of history, the price gases have increased. As if they weren’t scandalously high already. Hmmmm.

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