Martyrdom is overrated


Though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. — 1 Cor. 13:3

Raymond Lull sought to be stoned, so he went to an Islamic country and street-preached. Goal attained.

Why did he actively pursue martyrdom? Because Medieval Christians promulgated the myth that martyrs have the surest entrance into Heaven. The idea was so widely embraced that people born into Christendom would live for the devil all their lives and then seek martyrdom at the end, thinking they would thus be assured Heaven.

Martyrdom is overrated. It’s not the apex of Christianity. The quintessence of Christianity was shown yesterday by family members of the nine South Carolina victims of race-hater killer Dylann Roof when they addressed him in court and forgave him.

Love is Christianity’s highest virtue, its greatest sign of maturity, its most vaunted ideal. Raymond Lull would have done better to keep living and serving Jesus.


10 responses to “Martyrdom is overrated

  1. Love lets a person to be the best version of himself.Jalal

  2. I have heard others lament that they were ashamed that they might not be strong enough to suffer martyrdom. My answer was similar: Jesus wants us to live the faith in testimony. Jesus after all, is the angel of life. Satan is the angel of death.

  3. Amen!!!!

  4. Another gem! Great points on Martyrdom.- True indeed…the SC family showed the world the true meaning of Christ’s love: not only forgiveness, but life through redemption.

  5. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen. I am humbled by the example of Charleston. Only through His love and mercy can we show others the way.

  6. Jesus wants you to live life.

  7. Wow very good point.

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