These are the truest Christians I’ve ever heard

How can the victims’ families forgive the confessed killer of nine blacks in an AME church in South Carolina. He tried to start a race war. It looks like he started a revival.

May all those filled with the sin of racism let the love of Jesus into their hearts. We whites have done hundreds of years of gravest crimes against blacks. It is our time to repent.

Martin Luther King Jr. knew that the love of Christ would prevail. I can only pray to God to have the sincere faith of these brothers and sisters in Christ who, in the moment of fresh pain, unreservedly forgive the killer of their loved ones and invite him to Christ.

(Originally, I tried unsuccessfully to a shorter embed video from the New York Times. Then I found it on YouTube. This video is a must-see for anyone curious about true Christianity.)

26 responses to “These are the truest Christians I’ve ever heard

  1. We need more of this “True Christianity” in this world, Amen!

  2. Michael S. Osborn

    That’s what being a Christian is all about!! 🙂

  3. Michael S. Osborn

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    This is what true Christianity is all about!! 🙂

  4. Ahh, isn’t that amazing? Now that’s what walking with Christ is all about. God can bring the good out, even in the midst of great tragedy. Those faithful believers who are suffering so much grief right now are also showing the world who Christ really is.

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    Well said my friend!

  6. mrsmariposa2014

    Yes, indeed! That is our Jesus at work! Humbles my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I hope this sadly divided country is sitting up and taking notice. God bless them in this incredibly painful time.

  7. “We whites have done hundreds of years of gravest crimes against blacks.”

    I am not part of this alleged “we”. I am responsible for my sins . I do not accept corporate guilt.

  8. It’s interesting, isn’t it? People claim to be Christians, but rarely behave like Christians. Well, these people are truly faithful and beautiful souls. Being able to forgive is exactly what Jesus would do. And it wouldn’t take him months and weeks or years to figure it out. Nope. Jesus would have done exactly what these lovely people have done. Found forgiveness and prayed for him. I’m not surprised at all. It’s not just talk..they walk the walk.

    I cannot say I would be able to do the same. But with their example, I hope I have grown a bit better as a human being.

  9. The video I saw the day after of the crowd so large that they spilled out into the streets singing hymns was incredible.

  10. My prayer is that this horrific tragedy will be turned into something good as these beautiful Christian people live out their faith for the world to see. Only our Lord can make something good out of this (Romans 8:28) Continuing to pray for them, their church, Charleston and our country!

  11. I appreciate this post, but some of the phraseology struck me as odd. If it were up to me, I would change “the killer of nine blacks” to “the killer of nine fine people” and I would change “We whites have done hundreds of years of [the] gravest crimes…” to “Blind, misguided haters have done hundreds of years of [the] gravest crimes…”, because it is not a black/white issue, it is a love/hate issue, as the extraordinary Christians in this video have so clearly pointed out.

  12. The main core of God’s Word is love and forgiveness.

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    The core of God’s Word is love and forgiveness.

  14. True Christianity!

  15. What a testimony!

  16. Truly insprinal.

    May god be with you and all. X

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