Gather in the light

the gathering darkness

Gather in the souls. Each soul is a light to burn brightly for Christ, the Chief and Source of Light. Fret not about the thickening darkness. No matter how tiny your light, no matter how overwhelming the darkness appears to grow, your light will be seen. Don’t run away from the world and hide like hermits. To the contrary, get out more and more into the world and let your light shine.

The easier it gets to get into sin, the more desperate people will become. The more desperate they become, the more they will want Christ. We Christians will be there to rescue them.

6 responses to “Gather in the light

  1. Very true, but at the same time we need to be careful that we aren’t drawn in ourselves. “Let he who stands take heed, lest he fall.”

  2. mrsmariposa2014

    This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…

  3. Walk into the light! In the movies it is transitioning to the “other side” but coming to Christ is fine!

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