I got a selfie with a bison

bison | Yellowstone National Park

Actually, this is my son in Yellowstone National Park

So you got a selfie with a celebrity?

Chances are that I don’t even know who the guy/girl is.

Why are we so fascinated obsessed with stars who aren’t stars before the eyes of God?

I’m fascinated with God’s creation, not media gods.

3 responses to “I got a selfie with a bison

  1. I once danced with a baby bison in the kitchen of a small trailer. That was an experience! Too bad it was before ‘selfies’ cause then I could trump you for sure!:0)

  2. Don’t tell anyone but I pray for solar flares…;0) I’m not much impressed with the 21st century…

  3. That’s truly one of the most unique bison’s head I’ve ever seen 😀 God be praised!

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