That sun felt like hell

photo(114)I’m sun-whipped. We went to Arches National Park to see some other-worldly geology. It was really incredible, but when the sun came out, I just wanted to hide.

Actually, I panicked. We were doing the 1-and-a-half mile walk to Delicate Arch. I never made it. In fact, I think I very nearly suffered heat stroke. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough water.

So I begged hikers for some. And my heart beat slowed. The dizziness left. Some people who don’t even know me saved my life — or at least saved me from being sent to a hospital.

Anyhow, I had some thoughts about the sun. I don’t think we’ll ever have an energy crisis. We just need to learn how to harness solar energy better. Also, I reminded myself just how much I really don’t want to go to Hell. If I can’t bear the searing sun, how much more ought I avoid Hell?

Also, I had some thoughts about water. It was foolhardiness to flout the trailhead warning: two liters of water for every hiker. We had one liter for a family of five. It was cloudy when we started, and I wasn’t going to be denied the sight of this exquisite arch. Or so I thought.

Not only was a I denied the sight, but I very nearly had to be air-lifted to a hospital. Scary stuff.

And the antidote was simple: Bring enough water.

Jesus says He’s the Water of Eternal Life. Lots of people are flouting the warning at the trailhead to bring water. Don’t do it. It’s bad.

14 responses to “That sun felt like hell

  1. I love arches Nat park. It is a beautiful place. Stay safe.

  2. But it is beautiful out there.

  3. Water is so important! Always have enough! Scary yes!

  4. mrsmariposa2014

    A lesson learned the hard way! Glad you are all right and that God showed you some good truths through it. Be blessed, brother!

  5. I feel you and the CREATOR were having a moment you are a teacher so therefore you should learn Daily Sir. If the creator wanted to take you then and there are you prepared…asking for water….. you immediately started thinking about harnessing energy? Surely you must of asked “GOD” what is this lesson?
    I am happy and glad you are still with us all.
    Maybe just Maybe you should SLOW YOUR ROLL. “I statement sorry ”
    I am no ones judge nor jury ” Not my department” Sir
    God Bless you and your Ministry Sir. With Love
    Jedi 🙂

  6. Excellent connection to your scripture focus.

  7. I, too, have experienced the serious lack of water and the incredible effect it has on the body. One’s perspective and plans all change to get some needed water and relief. Would that I seek God with such intensity, as the psalmist cried out.

  8. I would melt in conditions like that. You are very brave.

  9. A beautiful metaphor. The Servants of Charity are known for saying, “Give them bread and the Lord;” bread made by human hands and the Bread of Life, Christ. So it is true like you said, Christ also provides Water of Eternal Life. So we need water for our bodies and water for our souls and we should never be without enough of either one! Glad that you are safe!

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