Walls are NOT for good people

walls are for bad people, not goodWalls are for bad people. They either KEEP OUT wrongdoers (such as thieves from your house) or they KEEP IN wrongdoers (such as prison convicts). But the good person is free to go in or out as he pleases.

When we look at God’s law as walls, we need to keep this in mind. God’s walls are not restrictions on our fun, to keep us pinned in to His boring Kingdom, as some see it. They are protections against all the harm the devil wants to bring on us.

Ask the hopeless drug addict if he could have done it all over would he never touch drugs. Ask the alcoholic if it would have been preferable to never taste liquor. Ask a million and one people destroyed by sin if God’s walls were arbitrary morals imposed upon them by cruel religious people who had no right to tell others what to do. Go ahead, ask them.

Ask the people in Hell.

Don’t chaff at Christianity’s “limitations,” viewing them as a horrible prison to suppress your freedoms. No, you are free to go. You are a good person. Walls are NOT for the good person. They are for the bad person.

10 responses to “Walls are NOT for good people

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  2. Great post! I agree with you, and there is one good wall for the people of God, those walking in the light of Christ. That wall is described in Revelation 21: “a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gate (in the new city of God come down from heaven like a bride adorned for her husband). The foundations of the wall are adorned with every jewel; twelve jewel rays of light representing the tribes of the sons of Israel and the twelve apostles. And the twelve gates are each a single pearl…and there is no external temple in the city for we are the temple, and we are illuminated by the light of God’s glory and our lamp is the Lamb of God! This wall is SOOOOO GOOD! It is our overshadowing, an overcoat of light, our protection and provision! ~Yvonne

  3. you are right in biblical terms God’s people are freed from the law meaning there are no walls of constrainst because we are happy and content being and living in his presence. God made the law for the bad people so that they will know what is right from wrong.

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