The Gates of Hell or the Gates of Righteousness

heaven hell gatesIt all depends on your perspective, from where you come and where you want to go.

If you want to bolt from Christianity, the gateway bears the title: “The Gates to Hell.” But if you are already in the life of hellishness and you want to escape to Christianity, the headpost declares: “The Gates of Righteousness.” But it is the same doorway.

Either you exit godliness or you exit godlessness. Either you enter the world and the wide path that leads to destruction, or you enter salvation by grace and continuing a walk with Christ that leads to blessing and Heaven. But it is the same doorway by which some enter and others leave.

6 responses to “The Gates of Hell or the Gates of Righteousness

  1. And d doorway is within each human born of dualistic energies..;-)

  2. so deep had to read a few times b4 i got it. ha ha ha. good word tho

  3. This is an interesting thought, and though one can certainly bolt from Christianity (the church), I’m not so sure one can bolt from Christianity (Christ). He knows His sheep and they know Him, no one can snatch them from His hand… sealed with the Holy Spirit, etc.

    Once you know God you cannot un-know Him. Therefore, one can exit a church, but one cannot exit Christ.

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