A bit nervy… Need to keep trusting Jesus

John Mira | Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica

Mike Ashcraft and John Mira, members of the Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica.

I’m writing this from LAX. We put the ticket on the credit card, and so I’m off to Guatemala. My fundraising campaign has been a bit hair-raising. Hahaha. JK. What I mean to say is that you can still donate because I haven’t raised all the funds yet. Gofundme is convenient gofund.me/MikeToGuatemala

Taking this trip is moving by faith. I’m praying and believing that God will bring in all the finances. It’s easier for me to just stay in America and not risk, but there are critical needs now in the church I founded 16 years ago — paperwork that only I can do as the owner of the school, el Liceo Bilingue La Puerta.

Pastor John Mira is going with me. He was born in the Philippines and got saved in the United States. He became a lawyer, works with stocks, but his real vocation is preaching the gospel. He’s passionate about it.

He was one of my first friends when I returned to the States five years ago from the mission field. His son was in my class, and I reached out to him. And he always encouraged me. This is the first time I’m tag-teaming up with him for some spiritual warfare abroad.

I ask you to pray for us! Thank you!

18 responses to “A bit nervy… Need to keep trusting Jesus

  1. mrsmariposa2014

    Prayers going up for a blessed, safe trip!

  2. God will provide! Always does. And so cool I heard from Mustard Seed today, I had a very strong experience with the Lord last night. I was going through a rough time and asked God, “Where are you?” Then I felt this peace and got a message that God is always rooting for us. I no longer felt overwhelmed and after being up half the night, I was able to finally sleep, in peace.

    • Wow, praise the Lord! I rejoice in Jesus for you. And thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes, God is helping us greatly! Apparently, my wife’s boss gave her a bonus. That should take care of the debt, I think! I have a wonderful wife who supports me in ministry. I praise God for her.

  3. I’m Jewish but I will pray. 🙂

  4. Blessing and anointing on you!

  5. Prayers sent. May you have a safe flight and raise all the money you need. Praying everything at the school is okay. 🙂

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  8. Prayer is what I can do in these situations. Increase your faith in Divine Providence and she will always provide.

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