Life is like an airplane trip

life is an airplane tripAtheists deny the final destination. They affirm only what they can see and perceive immediately in front of them.

Hedonists try to enjoy the ride as much as possible because they’re not sure if there’s anything afterward.

But the airplane trip is just an airplane trip. Compared to eternity, life is short, uncomfortable and unpleasant. You can pay for more amenities. But the final destination is where the enjoyment really begins.

Don’t make the trip your everything.

18 responses to “Life is like an airplane trip

  1. …and make sure you follow the passenger rules.

  2. Really good. Love the picture.

  3. “Don’t make the trip your everything.”

    So why don’t you jump out? Or blow up the plane and take the rest of us with you? Don’t seem like you have much incentive to stay on the plane.

  4. I like your post but I believe we are meant to enjoy the ride. Christ never suggests we are to be miserable on earth while we wait for heaven. I would suggest that if we ARE miserable on earth, we are attracting no one to take the ride with us. I appreciate your thoughts thought and understand what you were saying. God bless and I hope you have a good day.

  5. Thanks for the post. Interesting analogy. I feel it lacking (as analogy) in reference points, because one notes that they’ve boarded. However, if the destination is clearly outlined as death, then one should question why should we die?; then the presence of the Atheist is justified in denying the destination. However the construction hints that the destination is heaven, this being in favor of the Chrisrtians; can you see how convoluted this analogy is….but thanks

  6. Good plane illustration

  7. Thanks. Nice one. May God Bless the Universe.

  8. Taking time to read your most recent blog posts my brother…. What a blessing! Your writings have filled my heart with joy this am- thank you 🙂

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