Sinners helping sinners

sinners helping sinnersIt’s the great irony of ministry: I’m far from perfect, and yet I attempt — and sometimes succeed! — in helping other imperfect people.

As ministers of God’s grace, we should never lose sight of the fact that we, ourselves, are sinners. We are NOT the inerrant voice of God. Stay humble.

The world hurls “hypocrite!” I don’t snarl in return. Because basically it’s true. Who can say it’s not? Who is without sin to throw stones?

God’s grace is such that He reaches people with His grace THROUGH imperfect people.

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13 responses to “Sinners helping sinners

  1. Amen, brother! I am chief among sinners!

  2. AMEN on this one, for sure!

  3. We all need to help one another. Sin is there for all of us to see and we can do something about it in our daily living. We are an example for all to see. For some folks we are the only Bible they see.

  4. Amen…good reminder of Matt. 7:3-5!

  5. thanks for this, sharing on essential thoughts

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